Alon Ray

B.Sc of mathematics and physics combined student at the School of Physics at Tau.(Graduated in 2011).

M.Sc of pure mathematics and applied mathematics at the school of mathematics (also took courses from Electrical Engineering) , started at 2011-2012.



Email: alonbroo ('at') post dot tau dot ac dot il

Some links to solved problems from textbooks by me, which are handwritten:

1. Some solved problems from QM by Albert Messiah.

2. Some solved problems from Algebra by Saunders MaClane and Birkhoff.

3. Some solved problems from Theory of Functions by Markushevich..

4. Some solved problems from Classical Electromagnetism by Jackson.

5. Some solved problems from Pertubations, Theory and Methods by Murdock.

6. Some solved problems from Projective Geometry web notes of Hitchin.

7.Solutions to Fourier Series and Integral Transforms by Allan Pinkus & Samy Zafrany (solutions for the Laplace transform chapter) (in Hebrew). 1

8. Solutions to A New Introduction to Modal Logic by Cressewell and Hughes

My scanned notes over the years:


This page is under construction, more features will be added as I get more advanced in my studies.

Links of notes and exercises in Theoretical Physics and Pure Mathematics


1.       Course given by Jacob Bekenstein on GR (there're also notes in Continuum mech, Advanced QM and Analytical Mech), at Huji University.

2.       Course given at Bristol University.

3.       Notes from a course in Black Holes given at Cambridge University.


1.       Course in Quantum Computation given at Caltech.

2.       Course given at Tel-Aviv in Quantum Information.


1.       Warren Siegel's lecture notes in Quantum Fields and Strings. Fields, Strings.

2.       David Tong's lecture notes from Cambridge University.


1.       Notes in Arithmetic Quantum Chaos by Shimon Brooks.


1.       Course page for an UG course in Loop Quantum Gravity, only exercises.

Applied Mathematics

1.       A course in Asymptotic Analysis given at Harriot-Watts University.

2.       A course in Deterministic Chaos, uses the textbook by Steven Strogatz.


1.       Nigel Hitchin's Lecture notes in Projective Geometry, Differentiable Manifolds and more.

2.       Mikhail Katz's notes in Differential Geometry, Projective Geometry.

3.       Lawrence Evans Lecture Notes in PDE, VC, Analysis and many more (a pleasure to read!).

Physics is nothing but a special case of Mathematics