Over 30 major projects at Tel Aviv University bear the stamp of Dr. Raymond Sackler and his family, including the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences, and the Mortimer and Raymond Sackler Institute of Advanced Studies, as well as research institutes, chairs, lectureships, prizes, and works of art.

With keen insight into the University's potential, Dr. Sackler and his wife Beverly have promoted growth in the sciences, humanities, and arts, and have contributed immensely to shaping the intellectual life of the campus.
The Raymond & Beverly Sackler Program for Senior Professors by Special Appointment is a new Sackler initiative dedicated to building a preeminent faculty at Tel Aviv University, and serves as a model of excellence for the worldwide scientific community.


Professor Lucian Arye Bebchuk
Law and Economics
Professor Richard Bersohn Chemical Physics
Professor Imrich Chlamtac Telecommunications
Professor S.A.P.L Cloetingh Tectonics and Geophysics
Professor François Englert Physics
Professor Mikhael Gromov Mathematics
Professor Ian Charles Jarvie Philosophy and Mass Media
Professor Joseph Katz Hydromechanics
Professor David M. Kreps Microeconomic theory, Game theory, and Economic Modeling
Professor Itzhak Kronzon Cardiology
Professor Jacob Lassner Jewish Studies
Professor Alex Müller Solid-State Physics
Professor William E. Paul Immunology, Allergy and Cancer Research
Professor Boris Rubinsky Biomedical Engineering