The Israeli Society for Military History has been functioning at TAU since 1974 and it underwent reorganization in 1993. The society is a member of the International Commission of Military History, which holds international conferences including three past ones in Israel.

The society's aims are:

  • To foster interest in Jewish, Israeli and general military history by initiating, encouraging and participating in military history research
  • To encourage the use of the library for military history in the University
  • To organize military-historic trips in Israel and abroad; organize seminars and conferences on military subjects; and nurture international relations

The society mails a monthly newsletter to 1,500 addresses, holds a monthly seminar on Israeli battles, an annual seminar on general military history topics, a monthly trip and various conferences. The activities are held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education's Information Center and the Galili Society for the Study of Defense Forces.

Among the publications of the society are Safra ve-Saifa; The Struggle for the Defense of Israel; publications on the military history of Eretz Israel in the framework of the International Association of Military History; and conference proceedings.