Plilim - Israel Journal of Criminal Law


Vol 8 (1999) - Law and Politics



Politics, law, and the boundaries of public discourse

Leora Bilsky 
Law and Politics: The Trial of Rabbin`s Assassin

Eitan Barak 
Under Cover of Darkness: Ten Years Game with Human Lives as “Bargaining Chips”
and the Supreme Court

Alina Korn
Criminalization of Political Conflict: Crime Within the Israeli Arab Population in the Fifties

National Security, politics, and Law
Mordechai Kremnitzer and Keren Shapira-Ettinger
“Jerusalem Mix”

Gad Barzilai
Center Against Periphery: Law of “Prevention of Terrorism” Acts

Public officials and public faith

Miriam Gur-Arie
Breach of Trust by Public and Elected Officials - Should it be a Criminal Offense?

Alon Brenner
Political Pressures as Extortion

Yuval Karniel
Public Officers’ Fraud and Breach of Trust

Judicial review and politics

Leon Shelef
Impeachment of Judges and Trials of Politicians: A Narrative of American Legal History - In Two Parts.

Daphne Barak-Erez
The Justiciability of Politics

Asher Maoz
The Boundaries of Justiciability: Parliament, Government, and Courts