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Salvage Excavations Series

1 Givat Ha'Oranim: A Chalcolithic Site

Na'ama Scheftelowitz and Ronit Oren
2 Salvage Excavation Reports Number 2

A Group of Iron Age Wineries on the Eastern Slope of Ancient Joppa (Jaffa)
Alexander Fantalkin
Jaljulia West
Guy Avivi

Persian Period Remains at Rishon le-Zion
Oren Tal

An MBIIA Cemetery at Khirbet Muhayzin
Assaf Yasur-Landau and Marta Guzowska

A Bronze and Iron Age Settlement at Netiv ha-'Asara
Assaf Yasur-Landau and Alon Shavit
3 Salvage Excavation Reports Number 3

Excavations in the Modi'in Industrial Zone
Yuval Gadot and Sarit Paz

A Persian through Late Ottoman Period Site at Mazor (El'ad)
Itamar Taxel

A Salvage Excavation and Survey in the Environs of Mazor
Itamar Taxel

Khirbet Ibreica: A Rural Settlement in the Southeastern Sharon Plain
Itamar Taxel and Amir Feldstein

Appendix A: Archaeozoological Remains - Moshe Sade

Appendix B: An 'Abbasid Coin Hoard - Nitzan Amitai-Preiss

A Roman-Byzantine Road near Regavim - Ramot Menashe
Sarit Paz and Yitzhak Paz

An Early Islamic Site at Kafr Jinnis near Lod
Natalie Messika

A Salvage Excavation at Abu Gosh
Elizabeth Bommel-Yehuda

An Early Roman Farmstead at Nahal Beth Hanan
Yitzhak Paz

Appendix: Numismatic Finds - Arieh Kindler and Zvi Gur

4 Salvage Excavation Reports Number 4

5 Ramla (South): An Early Islamic Industrial Site and Remains of Previous Periods

Oren Tal and Itamar Taxel


Khirbet es-Suyyagh: a Byzantine Monastery in the Judean Shephelah

Itamar Taxel


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