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Past Ph.D. Students

Dr. Yehuda Dagan The Settlement in the Judean Shephelah in the Second and First Millennium B.C. A Test-case of Settlement Processes in a Geographical Region .
Supervisors: Prof. David Ussishkin
Dr. Alexander Fantalkin The Contacts between the Greek World and the Southern Levant ca. 1000-538 BCE.
Supervisors: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Irad Malkin
Dr. Norma Franklin State Formulation in the Northern Kingdom of Israel - Some Tangible Symbols of Statehood.
Supervisors: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Nadav Na'aman
Dr. Yuval Gadot Continuity and Change: Cultural Processes in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages in Israel's Central Plain.
Supervisors: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Moshe Kochavi
Dr. Ehud Galili Submerged Settlement from the 6th and 5th Millennia B.C. Northern Carmel Coast.
Supervisors: Prof. Avraham Gopher and Prof. Aharon Horowitz
Dr. Amir Golani The Development, Significance and Function of Jewelry and the Evolution of the Jeweler's Craft in the Land of Israel during the Iron Age II.
Supervisor: Prof. Shlomo Bunimovitz
Dr. Zvi Greenhut Production, Storage and Distribution of Grains during the Iron Age and Their Linkage to the Socio-Economic Organization of Settlement in Israel.
Supervisors: Prof. Shlomo Bunimovitz and Prof. Simha Lev-Yadun
Dr. Debbi Hershman Rise of Religion in the Southern Levant
Supervisors: Prof. Jak Yakar and Dr. Emmanuel Marx
Michal Yron-Lubin Landscape Archaeology of Early Bronze Age Settlements in Canaan, Formalization of Change in Space-Time.
Supervisors: Prof. Ram Gophna
Dr. Liora Kolska-Horwitz A Diachronic Study of Patterns of Animal Exploitation in the Sinai Peninsula.
Supervisor: Prof. Israel Finkelstein
Dr. Nir Lalkin The Late Bronze Age Scarabs in Eretz-Israel.
Supervisors: Prof. Benjamin Sass and Dr. Deborah Sweeney
Dr. Natalie Messika Spatial Analysis of Urban Sites from the Iron Age II.
Supervisors: Prof. Ze'ev Herzog and Prof. Yuval Portugali
Dr. Ianir Milevsky Local Exchange in Early Bronze Age Canaan
Supervisor: Prof. Ram Gophna
Dr. Devora Namdar Assessment of the State of Preservation of Organic Residues Absorbed in Archaeological Ceramic Containers in the Dead Sea Region.
Supervisors: Prof. Yuval Goren and Prof. Steve Weiner
Dr. Sarit Paz Life in the City: The Birth of an Urban Habitus in the Early Bronze Age of Israel.
Supervisors: Dr. Raphael Greenberg and Prof. Shlomo Bunimovitz
Dr. Yitzhak Paz The Golan Enclosures and the Urbanization Process of Central and Southern Golan during the Early Bronze Age
Supervisors: Prof. Shlomo Bunimovitz , Prof. Ram Gophna and Prof. Moshe Kochavi
Dr. Jennifer Peersmann Cult and Polity in Early Bronze Age Palestine.
Supervisors: Prof. David Ussishkin and Prof. Ze'ev Herzog
Dr. Martin Peilstocker The Plain of Akko from the Early Bronze Age to the Beginning of the Late Bronze Age. Historical Geography of the Plain of Akko, 3500-1400 B.C.
Supervisors: Prof. Ram Gophna
Dr. Aharon Sasson Tel Beer-Sheba and Its Surroundings - The Economy and Management of Livestock in the Iron Age.
Supervisors: Prof. Israel Finkelstein, Prof. Ze'ev Herzog and Dr. Tamar Dayan
Dr. Michael Sebban The Mace in Eretz-Israel and the Ancient Near East from the Sixth to the First Millennium BCE.
Supervisor: Prof. Benjamin Sass
Dr. Alon Shavit Settlement Patterns in Israel's Southern Coastal Plain during the Iron Age II .
Supervisor: Prof. Israel Finkelstein
Dr. Ron Shimelmitz Lithic Blade Production in the Pre-historic Levant: Technological and Social Aspects.
Supervisor: Prof. Avraham Gopher
Dr. Amir Sumaka'i-Fink Hittite and Post-Hittite Alalakh Reexamined in the Light of Recent Excavations.
Supervisors: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Nadav Na'aman
Dr. Itamar Taxel Aspects of the Material Culture of the Rural Settlement in Palestine in the Byzantine Period (4th-7th Centuries CE).
Supervisor: Prof. Moshe Fischer
Dr. Yifat Thareani Towns in the Desert: Geographical, Economic and Socio-Political Perspectives.
Supervisors: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Nadav Na'aman
Dr. Anat Weinberger Petrographic Analysis of Miggle Bronze Age II Pottery: ontributions towards Our Understanding of Egypto-Canaanite Interactions.
Supervisors: Prof. Yuval Goren

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