I should have thought of these.

Many thoughts and ideas cross my mind as I compose these columns - both in my head, and into my HTML editor. Sometimes I decide that I'm stretching things a bit too far and decide to leave out certain items, sometimes they seemed like good ideas in the beginning, but couldn't find their place into the finished product. And sometimes I simply don't think about them ... but should have.

Which is what happened with this column. Pleased with myself at having reached my personally set deadline, I didn't realize until a couple of others had read the column (yes, sometimes it happens) that a couple of quite obvious associations that most definitely fit quite properly into the column, had been overlooked. So, in the spirit of what has for over three years been a quite defunct update page, I've expanded the September 2006 column to include an examination of a not-only personal metaphor, and an historic throwback to when we thought that page views mattered.

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