You name it.

I still haven't found a web statistics site that also makes coffee, but other than that, they do just about everything imaginable, and quite a few that I wouldn't even think of. The menus, and some of the submenus, for one of these services reads:
Page and File Info
Bandwidth Usage
Paths Through Site
Visitor Info
     By IP
     By Browser
Referral Info
By Site
Geographic Info
Browsers and Platforms
Server Responses
Search Engines
Activity by Hour/Day/Day of Week
Activity by Views/Visits
I've left some items out, but there's no doubt that this is pretty comprehensive - and a very long way from those primitive counters from long ago. It's much more comprehensive than anything that I might dream of needing. And while we've got web analysts pouring over the statistics that can give them a picture of what they can do to generate more visitors to their sites, I'm off in my small corner (though certainly not totally alone), pretty much oblivious to all of these statistics, writing and posting to a site simply because I enjoy doing so.

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