Designing a work-oriented environment.

Perhaps it's because my desk is almost always cluttered with papers that I try and turn to the web for most of my reference needs. In that respect little has changed since my confession of two years ago that when I need a dictionary rather than reach for it from the shelf, I reach for it from the web. My basic studying skills hark back to an age of 3X5 cards, when we kept notes on the books and papers we read inside a small cardboard box we kept on our desk (though I admit that even then I was never organized enough to keep everything there). That being the case, it's probably not particularly odd that when I find an article I want to save I'll send it to the printer, and then file away (somewhere) that printed copy. But although there's at least historical logic in such an activity, doing so always leaves me with a feeling of not realizing the potential of the internet and the computer.

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