Saving a digital copy.

For a number of years now I've been attempting to combat linkrot and save ink at one and the same time. When I find an article that I think I'll want to refer to again I simply use the Save as... option from the File menu in Explorer and keep a copy for myself. I'm adept enough at HTML such that I can edit out superfluous graphics or advertisements from the articles and save only the text. But doing so, though perhaps aesthetically more pleasing than a copy with all those uncalled for ads, is time consuming. Even if I'm on a saving binge, copying and saving articles right and left, even when I save with the advertisements I hardly make a dent in my hard drive capacity.

But in this way I've solved only part of the problem. The clutter on my desk may have been temporarily halted, and the demands on the already limited space in my filing cabinet may have declined, but I'm still going to have to search for the particular article that I want. Which brings me to what might be considered the Holy Grail-type quest for the ultimate web tool.

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