Planning ahead.

I'm far from an expert in issues of this sort. I understand that the available memory for running various programs sits on what we usually call the C drive, which also happens to be the place that program files, by default, reside, and where most files rather automatically get placed. Add to that the fact that temporary files also get placed on C, and it's understandable that even a very large drive can fill up very quickly. There's a great deal of logic in keeping C as free of clutter as possible so that more memory remains available, but it's hardly the sort of thing we can foresee. In a way it's similar to my brother-in-law's dictum of years ago (first referred to here about a year and a half ago) that what you want your computer to be able to do today is probably not what you'll want it to be able to do tomorrow. Do we really think that we're going to fill up our hard drives with music files and with photographs? Three years ago we certainly didn't think that.

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