Who can complain about a fast computer?

The idea that computers tend to become obsolete before we get them home and out of the box became part of our collective consciousness long ago. Keeping in mind that our home computer was state of the art for perhaps two whole weeks, I think I've been pretty lucky with it. It wasn't too inexpensive, which means that over the year I've had it I've encountered only a couple of distressing problems instead of about one every two weeks. I wouldn't mind more speed, but no computer is ever fast enough, and this one is infinitely faster than what I first broke my teeth on a number of computing generations ago. What's more, I'm always pushing the envelope on how many tasks it can perform simultaneously, so if it has speed problems, some of those are caused by me. All things considered, it works pretty well. The boys think that it runs games very quickly, but their frame of reference is our old computer which was very old and slow. When their friends' families will upgrade their older models and pass us, they'll start to notice that ours lacks speed.

It's nice to be able to keep a number of programs open at one and the same time, only starting to worry about an imminent crash after opening perhaps the fourth or fifth. And having a web-camera and a scanner always attached is another benefit. But I've got a long list of new and better items I'd like if I could afford them.

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