... we're not that easy to find.

The Boidem (I couldn't help looking) doesn't show up in a search of the contents of the Open Directory Project. The main contents page does show up on a Google search, if for some strange reason someone decided to search for the term boidem. Since Google now powers the searches on Yahoo!, it shows up on a search there as well, though only as a listed web page - it's not cataloged anywhere within Yahoo!. (When looking for more results on muse.tau.ac.il Yahoo! brings up 77 hits, while Google finds 171. I have no idea what causes the difference in results. As of this column the Boidem has well over 600 distinct pages, though not all of them contain that title.

A more interesting question, of course, would be whether or not the Boidem is a personal web site, or where it might be cataloged in an online index.

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