An end in itself.

What do people write about in their blogs? About just about anything and everything - it is, after all, the internet. Personal blogs are basically journals: today I went to a movie, yesterday I bought a CD. Bloggers read books as well, though I haven't found many references to their doing so. There are blogs that seem to have a particular focus. One blog, for instance, "reviews" other blogs, poking far from innocent fun at a different site each day. For most, however, the focus is personal: I did this, and then I did that, and tomorrow I'll... (or is it the opposite?) The style is almost invariably sophomoric stream of consciousness, and when one blog links to another it's easy to become confused and not notice that you're reading somebody else's writing. (Is that necessarily criticism?) Ultimately it seems that people write blogs in order to write blogs. Over a century ago William James told us that thought goes on, and today nobody seems to doubt that fact. The question remains, however, whether it has to go on and on and on, and whether others have to read those thoughts.

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