The novelty wears off rather quickly.

What did we search for when the boys actually took an interest in surfing the web? For a while Nadav was elated to find pictures of Digimons, and especially to find that there were quite a few that hadn't found their way to Israel yet. Printing out  pictures of previously unknown Digimons and showing them to his friends was a very attractive activity ... until the Digimon rage was replaced by something else. Nadav also enjoyed finding photographs of animals. We hardly would have thought about looking for an albino alligator, for instance, but finding one was quite a treat.

Eitan was aware that "information" meant more than just finding pictures, though what we found was rarely satisfying. We looked for information on the Nigerian national soccer team, for instance, and actually found quite a bit, but the few biographies of the star players that were available were much too short to really learn much from them, and the material we found wasn't organized well enough to go through it systematically. Still, in an ESL classroom a pupil could learn a great deal through searching for and finding information on a topic such as this. Well organized or not, lots of information on Nigerian soccer is available on the web, including e-mail addresses of the editors of the sites who are probably more than willing to answer queries they receive. An industrious teacher could devise a very successful project.

Both boys enjoyed visiting the web site of the soccer school they attend. I was impressed as well. It wasn't only a promotional site, but rather a well-rounded site that focused on numerous aspects of the game, including sportsmanship and nutrition. And what's more, there was even a photograph of Eitan on the site (and it was even still there when this column was posted).

But our web-surfing rage, at least this time around, lasted little more than a week. It didn't take long before the question "can we sit and look for Digimons?" was replaced by "if you don't need the computer can I play FIFA?".

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