One more way to read a Boidem column.

There's always too much to read, too much to see, too much to ... stumble over and onto. And luckily, it happens pretty much all the time. Amy is far from the only person substantially outside of my frame of reference that I've had the pleasure of discovering. Too often the web has become overly functional and lacking in magic, but those stumblings still happen, and when they do I'm once again hopeful. Boidem columns often have at least a handful of outside links to items that just might light that sense of excitement and magic in someone who clicks out of these pages and into something unexpected but thrilling. I doubt that anyone reads the Boidem in order to be sent away to something else (that can be done without using the Boidem as a starting point). But if that happens, and if instead of "finishing" reading a column someone has found something else more worthwhile ... I'm all for it.

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