But it looks the same!

It must be obvious to a reader that a link from a Boidem page has led them outside. Few web pages have the stark black text on a white background that's still found here. So if a reader has been led, or wandered, off, he or she will know, and clicking on "back" is a rather simple action. Then again, maybe the reader has continued clicking on link on that outside page, and when that happens chances are good that I'll lose them. After all, there's lots of interesting stuff out there. But it's my guess that the real difficulty for getting all the way through a particular Boidem column is when a link leads to an older internal page. That page will look very much the same as any other Boidem page, and it's easy not to notice that the "Go to" link, instead of leading back to the column they've been reading leads back to a main page of an earlier column. It's in situations such as this that perhaps opening a page in a new tab could best limit some confusion, but what's so bad about a bit of confusion.

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