Because getting lost is actually quite easy.

At the bottom of each internal page of a Boidem column there's a link to the main page of that column. And if the page is one or more generation removed from that main page it will also have clearly displayed links to those pages as well. I'm a great fan of getting lost but I've learned that most other people aren't, and if I want them to read a column I should offer them at least a few clear road signs that can help keep them on track. On the other hand, the pages that all of the links in the Boidem open replace the "current" page. I suppose that opening those pages in new tabs might help readers keep on task, and make it easier to get back to the Boidem page they came from. But this is the Boidem, and there's a limit to how much I really want to help. Too much help diminishes the adventure, and maybe the limited use of road signs can both help readers keep their bearings and encourage them to read each page.

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