It's done for us.

Mainstream adoption of life-logging (if it's really been adopted by the mainstream) was made possible by record keeping becoming a background activity. If, while walking down a street, I have to record the street name so that my photographs from that street are readily retrievable, I'll probably quickly decide that too much effort is involved. But if my phone is constantly geo-tagging any photograph I take I'm free to, for instance, make a note to myself of what I'm doing or seeing (or thinking). I trust that tools such as Evernote have automatic tagging functions so that the time and place of any thought and photograph can be easily cross-referenced. It would also make sense that a relatively simple sort function would be able to show me all the photographs I took on a certain street at any time, or everything I did at a certain time on any number of days. It might be a bit more complicated, but I'd think it's also possible to run a search for a particular thought, or type of thought, and then check whether it correlates with a particular time, or place, or sort of activity. I'm far from sure that I want this, but I can understand that it can be very attractive to someone who wants to do some serious life-logging.

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