I guess things have a way of changing.

Somewhat to my surprise, while reviewing previous columns I discovered that it was only two years ago that I also wrote about the question that I'm most frequently asked. Back then I wrote:
Over the decade throughout which the Boidem has, no longer to my surprise, consistently appeared monthly, the question that I'm asked perhaps more than any other is how do I keep it up.
Is it really the case that over the past two years this "most frequently asked" question has undergone a change, pushing that former question down to, at the very best, third place? Perhaps. Perhaps, for reasons related more to my own mindset than to those of my questioners, I've become more aware of a particular question. Perhaps I'm giving myself a bit of leeway on which question I've decided should be the most frequent. And I suppose that I should admit that I don't really get asked all that many questions.

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