Taking the short view.

Maybe this page should be titled "one column at a time". Though to a certain extent it's fair to say that I've become addicted to writing these columns, feeling in some way compelled to produce them, I never set out for myself a goal of reaching ten years, or anything similar. To the contrary - I often almost surprise myself when, at a certain point I feel as though I've run out of material and perhaps it's time to call it quits, a number of topics suddenly present themselves to me and I realize that there's still more to come. But since I've come to expect those surprises, it's hard to actually call them that. They're essentially no more than the natural ebb and flow of this project. When it's flowing I can readily devote myself to thinking about what comes next, not whether there's a next. And when it's ebbing, I've learned not to let that cause me to entertain overly existential thoughts.

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