I ordinarily shower alone.

It's only fitting that it was while in the shower, cleansing some thoughts from my head as the water cleansed my body that I remembered a blog post, or perhaps a blog comment, that I'd read, perhaps even earlier that same day. So, I rushed to the computer and tried to find that reference - to no avail. The best I can do here is paraphrase.

And what had I read that I want to paraphrase? The blogger I was reading noted that throughout his academic studies he'd been encouraged to publish articles that, if he were lucky, would have been read by little more than a handful of other academics. On the other hand, via his blog he'd reached a couple hundred readers, and many of these had even responded to his writing, helping him to rethink and rephrase his thoughts, and also to feel that he was part of a community that dealt with the issues that concerned him.

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