And Google makes it even easier.

Well, not only Google. The Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer permits me to "browse by name", meaning that I can type the name of a company into the address bar, click on <ENTER> and confidently assume that the site of the company I want will show up. I actually use this less frequently than I should, though it works almost every time, and is especially useful when I want to get to a site in Hebrew - I can type the name of the site I want to get to in Hebrew and quickly get to it. I've long ago forgotten the URL of the Israel Railways site, for instance.

This was once a special, and desirable, feature that solved a real problem for people surfing the web in Hebrew. But as it became standard, it pushed aside third party solutions. I originally got used to using this feature in Explorer, before I started using Firefox. Because of that, I assumed it was a feature of the Google Toolbar there as well. Only later did I learn that the Firefox version of the Google Toolbar doesn't support "browse by name" for the simple reason that it's already an integral part of Firefox.

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