It's all there.

As I've noted numerous times in the past, the major advantage that storing things in my gmail account has over other tools is that fact that I can keep just about anything and everything there, irrespective of format, and have it eminently searchable. Half a year ago I noted that though Google Notebook offers me something that I've wanted for years, I find myself using it only infrequently, and instead I'll make notes to myself that I store in my gmail. Though I like the fact that Google Notebook lets me organize notes around defined topics, I've become attached to search as my "organizing" metaphor such that I hardly need to keep related items inside the same folder. Google Notebook also lets me make my notes public, but my blog usually fills that need, meaning that to a certain extent, this tool has perhaps arrived too late for me to actually use it as I once envisioned I would.

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