Easier than installing language tools.

Not everything that I do is in Hebrew, but a great deal of it is. And the special needs that Hebrew presents are perhaps the best reason for traveling with a laptop. Only a small amount of configuring, if any, was necessary for me to be able to read Hebrew on the web on any of the computers we used, but being able to type in Hebrew (including even typing a search term in Hebrew into Google) was a much more serious problem. I certainly couldn't very politely install Hebrew fonts and capabilities onto every computer that I sat in front of. That could cause a good deal of confusion among the owners of those computers.

Luckily, there are a number of web-based solutions for typing in Hebrew. Others may be better, or at least just as good, but I gravitated toward the Hebrew Virtual Keyboard which served my needs well. I was able to prepare texts in Hebrew and then copy and paste them into my mail, or into a document I was preparing, with a minimal number of glitches. And everybody's computer stayed just as I first encountered it.

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