Another sort of cloud.

Today in Science History informs us that on this day, In 1954, the findings of a six year research program on smog were made public. The report, focused on Los Angeles, concluded that smog is caused by the chemical reaction of sunlight on auto and industrial emissions. This was apparently the first scientific study that linked smog to pollutants.

I wouldn't go as far as to claim that the history of smog is fascinating, but it definitely makes for interesting reading. Again, from Today in Science History, July 26, 1943 was the first day that "eye-irritating" smog was reported in Los Angeles. We're told that:
Newspapers report 'gas attack' of haze, smoke and exhaust had reduced visibility to under three blocks.
Having grown up in Los Angeles, perhaps I can claim that I was living in a cloud long before ubiquitous internet access became a reality. I much prefer the newer cloud.

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