And still I fall behind.

There are a number of places where I store items that I hope to write about - both in the Boidem and to my blog. In the past I've noted that I use my gmail account for items of this sort, along with bookmarks and a number of additional tools, including the basic tool of simply keeping an item new in my feedreader. Every day I "keep new" at least one or two items, with the hope that I'll get around to writing something about them myself. At least the same number of items get put into my bookmarks (which I check by date, a method that on the one hand let's me see the latest items that I've decided merit my attention, but on the other has little patience for items that haven't been attended to and have thus become dated) and often to my gmail as well. Of course upon reflection I realize that some of these don't really merit my writing something about them. But even so, this still suggests that if I succeed in posting three blog items a week, at least that same amount of interesting items aren't being attended to. When I sit in front of the screen, with my fingers on the keyboard, I almost always have the feeling that I'm not writing enough.

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