A sort of case in point.

For well over a year I've been reading a blog by a fundamentalist Christian mother of five in Florida who writes about her life in such a captivating manner that I almost completely forget that we live in almost diametrically opposed worlds. As I read her I'm often amazed at how similar we may actually be. It's probably via her blog that of late Iíve been clicking through some websites by fundamentalist Christians who are part of a sort of back-to-the-land movement. As with Amy's blog, these people's lives are very far from mine, but I'm constantly stumbling upon ways in which weíre perhaps much more similar than either of us might want to admit.

But thatís not the point. (What is?) As I continue to click farther and farther away from the source of whatever started to hold my curiosity, that curiosity still remains unsatisfied, or new questions continue to ask themselves in my head. My clicks don't run themselves down, or run out of steam, as I get farther from the original source. In true hypertextual fashion, each new node that I encounter is the hub of a world unto itself. And that being the case, it makes sense that even as I distance myself farther and farther from the "source", I still find myself wanting to take a glimpse at yet something else, at one more item, at some promising reference, and so on. Am I getting farther and farther from myself in the sense that Iím not producing the end product that I thought I would (or should)? Perhaps. On the other hand, simply following interesting items is a worthwhile endeavor unto itself.

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