Actually, things are looking (a bit) up.

Numerous times I've noted that the direction that the internet is taking is an almost opposite direction to the one I'd like to see it take. Seven years ago, for instance, I wrote that I:
have to admit that the business aspects of the internet have so overshadowed the information aspects that it's now hard to see myself as part of anything that might be considered an internet community. The leaders and movers of the internet of today undoubtedly see my information needs as a rather insignificant part of the vast frontiers they want to conquer.
Sadly, that direction still seems to dominate the internet. And yet, even though I've been highly critical of the hype that Web 2.0 and the Read/Write Web have been promoting, there's no denying that a wide variety of new tools are paving the way for the almost forgotten netizen to reclaim an important position in cyberspace.

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