Something new, something old ...

A Google search on
"By the time Scarlett had undressed and blown out the candle"
brought up, in addition to a link to the full text of the book, a few pages of results. The vast majority of these were posts to various Yahoo! groups, and almost all of those from the past week. In other words, this particular piece of spam has only recently started making the rounds, and had been sent to a large group of online "communities".

Was anyone reading them? Well, it turned out that one of the groups to which the message was sent was the Horn Players Group. This group has been around since June of 2001 which is considerably after Tzippi stopped reading one of its precursors. In those almost five years about 320 messages have been posted to the group. I glanced through the latest thirty, from the past two and a half months. All of them were spam, and it seems that nobody has been taking it upon his or herself to throw them out (or filter them out before being sent to the members of the list). So our old friends from the various horn player forums are apparently still around, but not particularly active.

They are, however, receiving poetry in addition to literature. One of the thirty messages I skimmed through read (with my layout):
lowers sick
after orphans
visit widows
write letters
At the least, enigmatic.

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