Who wouldn't want to win a few million dollars?

Though it's only a bit more than a year ago, it seems that my original source for that story is no longer available. A search on part of the text, however, brings us to a number of bloggers who quoted it. My favorite line from that review is still:
The annual Internet review by Yahoo Canada reports that about one out of three Yahoo e-mail users said they opened spam messages because they had interesting subject lines.
If I may be permitted to ask, just what is it in those subject lines that's interesting? The opportunity to get rich without doing anything? Getting longer and/or more functional penises? Those are certainly more interesting than getting an authentic Rolex watch on the cheap, though I suppose that for some people that can be pretty inviting as well. America Online runs an annual Top 10 Spam List that, to my mind at least, shows how uncreative most spammers seem to be. But if one in three of us think those emails have interesting subject lines, who am I to disagree?

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