Perhaps better never than late.

I've often admitted that I'm often purposefully behind the curve in these columns. I prefer to hint at a bit of aloofness on my part, rather than rush in as a cheerleader for any and every new tool or development. In a different context (isn't always, at least with hindsight, a different context?) I've previously remarked that
I rather purposefully try not to be on the bandwagon with a discussion of various internet fads, preferring to let them gather dust, and perhaps a bit of reflection, before I jump into the fray.
But in this particular case it might seem as though I'm bandwagoning onto the anti side. With a couple of annual conferences under its belt, Web 2.0 has not only had enough time to gather a large congregation of yea sayers, but has run into more than a bit of criticism as well, and I'm not saying much here that hasn't been said before.

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