What took me so long?

The Kaycee Swenson hoax was exposed almost a year ago, and only now I'm getting around to an attempt at examining the issue. It makes it seem as though there's a long waiting list for issues that request to be examined in these columns. On the other hand, that long a wait is rather par for the course. I rather purposefully try not to be on the bandwagon with a discussion of various internet fads, preferring to let them gather dust, and perhaps a bit of reflection, before I jump into the fray. I'm not in a hurry, and there are more than enough issues to examine.

My bookmarks for this column accumulated over a number of months. There were more than enough issues to deal with until this particular issue became old news, and thus fitting for an examination here. Those bookmarks were later lost as a result of one of the various viruses of the last couple of months and their aftermath, though reconstructing them proved to be relatively easy. Actually, I'd intended to focus this column on a different, though related, issue. But once I started writing, Kaycee Swenson, who had been waiting in the wings for quite a while already, simply took center stage.

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