The history of being unfinished.

I'm not sure what additional associations are expected to come to mind when dealing with being "unfinished", but symphonies (and not only Schubert's) are probably high up on the list (and not only in music, but as a general metaphor as well).

Numerous examinations of "under construction" signs are available on the web. One of the more interesting is part of an extensive, and sympathetic, examination of what are now outdated "personal web page" practices. Another collection of these signs (together with a plea not to use them) can be found on an unlinked page. Sometimes it becomes too easy to poke fun at the entire "under construction" phenomenon, though I suppose that if someone has the time, it certainly deserves being poked at. There's even a "Construction Sign Museum" which houses pretty much most of the items that can be found on other sites (who cares who was first), as well as another rant against these signs.

A blog administered by a web designer has a more reasoned (and more recent) argument, about the damage these signs do. As a minimalist myself, I was pleased to continue to delve into this blog, finding numerous interesting insights that I was able to read, and in that way keep myself from writing this.

And I suppose that it's only fair that I also note that (isn't it always?) in a slightly different context I've written about this before.

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