Stranded in mid-sentence.

Nobody really had to know, for instance (until I decided to let the cat out of the bag here) that this month's column was going to be on a totally different topic. That particular column hasn't been abandoned, simply saved and stored away on my hard drive. Actually, that column was more than half finished when it became clear that my nightly activity of moving and checking boxes, rather than the writing that I wanted to sit down and devote myself to, was consuming the majority of my time. At that point it made much more sense to capitulate to reality and allow what has happening around me to dictate the topic of this particular column, and postpone the use of the other material that I'd been working on.

And of course there's that difference again. It was exactly a year ago that I wrote about the fact that a new, additional, hard drive had not only given me much needed disk space, but also that I was able to neglect the task of cleaning up my mess on the old hard drive because I suddenly had so much new space available to me. My desk demands rather immediate attention because otherwise it's hard for me to sit at it and get anything done. As I start to arrange it I discover more and more papers that I have to decide what to do with. It's certainly easier to simply leave my hard drive clutter and not feel bothered by it.

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