Try eating ice cream made of bits.

Even as our lives become more and more digital, most of us are clearly aware of the fact that there's always going to be a real, tangible, physical world out there. And that doesn't mean only a physical world with which we interact, but in a very basic sense, the world. Virtual reality may be able to give us great sex (or cybersex, if there's really a difference - I haven't tried) which many may find satisfying. But there should be little doubt that after even a saliva-drooling Michelin three star virtual reality meal, we're still going to be hungry. The digital might be able to give us the experience of food, but don't go looking for nutritional value. Along those same lines, we might even feel wet after a virtual shower, but we probably won't be clean. It's a fair guess that the physical is definitely here to stay.

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