Yoram Cohen's Group
Supramolecular Chemistry and MRI/MRS of the Central Nervous System

School of Chemistry, Tel-Aviv University

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Research Topics
Supramolecular Chemistry
  NMR Diffusion Measurements in Supramolecular Chemistry
  Large Hydrogen Bond Molecular Capsules or Molecules Within Molecules


MRS and MRI of the CNS
  From DWI and DTI to high-b-value q-space Diffusion-Weighted MRI (QSI) in White Matter Associated Disorders
  Applications of Clinical High-b-values q-Space Diffusion-Weighted MRI (QSI) in MS and Dementia
  Compartment Size and Shape by Double-Pulsed-Field-Gradient (d-PFG) spectroscopy and imaging.
  Cellular MRI of Stem Cells' Migration.
  Preparation of Target Specific MRI Contrast Agents

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Last updated: 06/28/10.