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Senior Lecturer (assistant professor),
Blavatnik School of Computer Science
Tel Aviv University
Codirector, Check Point Institute for Information Security (CPIIS)
Head, Laboratory for Experimental Information Security (LEISec)
Member, Israeli Center of Research Excellence in Algorithms (I-CORE Algo)

E-mail: or
Office: Schreiber building, room 123   ([pdf map] [interactive map] [מפה])
Assistant: Galit Herzberg
Schreiber building, room 001

PGP key: [public] [private]
Mailing address: School of Computer Science
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978

I am a faculty member at the School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University.

My research focus is information security, cryptography and algorithms. I'm particularly interested in what happens when cryptographic systems meet the real world, where computation is faulty and leaky.

In the Laboratory for Experimental Information Security (LEISec), my group investigates side-channel information leakage in computers, through physical emanations (e.g., acoustic and electric) and software (e.g., cache contention in cloud computing).

In SCIPR Lab, we construct cryptographic systems for ensuring the integrity of computation conducted on untrusted, faulty and malicious platforms.



(Within each topic, in reverse chronological order.)

Computational proofs: ensuring correct execution of programs running on untrusted platforms

Side-channel attacks: extracting secret keys by eavesdropping on program execution

Leakage resilience, tamper resilience and homomorphic encryption: protecting computation from leakage and corruption

Digital currency and auctions

Special-purpose code-breaking hardware


Systems security — additional aspects

Observations in theoretical computer science




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