1.     General Chromatography

Includes news from the field of chromatography, several training tests and links.


2.     Analytical Movie Clips Recommended

Contains informative short animation clips describing a range of analytical instrumentation,

including GC (in general, split splitless injection, detectors), HPLC 6-port injector,

GC-MS and Atomic Absorption. Some of the clips include audio narrations.


4. Separation Science Site Recommended

Theory and some nice movies - GC and HPLC.



HPLCHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

(Also check the sites listed under 'General')


1.     Reverse Phase HPLC Basics

Working with the commonly used reverse-phase columns.


2.     Homepage of HPLC and LC-MS (Israeli site) Recommended

Shula Levin's informative and user-friendly site. HPLC, LC-MS and FTIR courses,
including short clips.


3.     Chemguide - HPLC Basics


4.     HITACHI - HPLC Basic course




Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS , LC-MS)

(Also check the sites listed under 'General', 'GC' & 'HPLC')


1.     Varian GC-MS

The 'Saturn 2200' GC-MS is similar to our 'Saturn 2000' in the students' lab


2.     The Virtual Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Includes general information, tutorials (GCMS), and case studies (very nice).


3.     The Whys and Wherefores of Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry


4.     Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometry


5.     Chemguide - Mass Spectrometry




(Also check the sites listed under 'General')


1.     Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectra


2.     A Short Atomic Absorption Presentation


Please let us know at on any other website that you find
as useful and informative for its inclusion in next years links.

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