Projects, research directions

Recent activities:

  • Tsybulsky D. and Levin I. "Inquiry-Based Science Education and the Digital Research Triad." In: Digital Tools and Solutions for Inquiry-Based STEM Learning - in press.

  • Tsybulsky D. and Levin I. "Study of Awareness about the Digital Revolution in Contemporary School". Social Media in Academia:  Research and Teaching Annual Conference. November 2015, Voronet, Romania.

  • Levin I. and Tsybulsky D. “Transformations of Teachers’ Consciousness as Symptoms of  Digital Revolution” -  research proposal submitted to Israeli Science Foundation (2016).

Recent Presentations:

Digital Revolution: from Enlightenment to Entanglement.  - Partner Institute of Internet Studies, Tel Aviv University, April, 2016.

Study of Ontological and Epistemological Worldviews of Science Teachers in the Digital Age. MOFET Institute, May, 2016.

The Essence of TechnologyColloquium in “Education in Digital Society” class, May 2016

Teacher’s Worldview in Digital Epoch. Seminar in “Education in Digital Society” class, May, 2016

From Enlightenment to Entanglement. Seminar presentation, February, 2017.

Scientific Inquiry in the Digital Age. International Conference New Perspectives in Science Education, Florence, Italy, 16 - 17 March 2017. 

Other research directions:

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