Personal details


Date and place of birth: 1940, Israel

Marital Status: Married to Susie, two children, Rami and Tamar



1962-1966 California State University, Los Angeles -- Physics B.Sc. (Honors.)

1966-1970 University of Washington, Seattle --- Atmos. Sci. Ph.D.



Professional Experience

Present positions:
--President of the International Commission of Clouds and Precipitation, 2004 -
--The Israeli Academy of Sciences representative to the IUGG and to IAMAS 2002- present
--Chairman of the Israeli committee for the IGBP 2002- present
--Coordinator of the Yuval Ne'eman Distinguish Lectures in Geophysics, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Donated by Raymond and Beverly Sackler.

--Professor at the Cyprus Institute- Energy, Environment and Water Research Center, Nicosia, Cyprus 2009


Former positions:

-- Head of the Porter School of Environmental Studies, 2000-2004
-- Vice President of R&D and Dean of Research, Tel Aviv University, 1987-1992
-- Chairman of the Department of Geophysics and Planetary Science, 1985-

-- President of the Israel Organization of Aerosol Research, 1996-2004.
-- Principle Investigator of MEIDEX, the Mediterranean Israeli Dust

Experiment, on board the Space Shuttle Columbia during flight STS 107-