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Update: July 29, 2020

Research Statement, March 2020

CV and List of Publications, March 2020


ON covid 19


joint research with Uri Alon, Ron Milo, and Yinon Bar-On from the Weizmann Institute of Science


1.   Cyclic Strategies to Suppress COVID-19 and Allow Economic Activity

Medrxiv April 28, 2020 version (under submission)


2.   Caveats for Economists: Biology-Based Modelling of COVID19 and Model Misspecifications

CEPR Discussion paper no 15017, July 29, 2020


3.   Looking for An Exit

Preliminary Version June 16, 2020

Slides June 16, 2020



4.  R estimates for Israel

See sections 3 and 4 in CEPR Discussion paper July 2020 for the model used



       Financial Times OpEd April 21, 2020

PDF version

       CEPR Vox column April 27, 2020

       New York Times OpEd May 11, 2020

PDF Version

       Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (radio), May 14, 2020:

Article and Broadcast



       BBC Newshour (from minute 32), May 29, 2020


       Uri Alon TED Talk May 20, 2020






Other Media Coverage on Covid 19

       Kan Radio podcast (Hebrew)

       Globes OpEd July 16 2020

       Keren Neubach Kan Reshet Bet Radio Interview July 20, 2020 (Hebrew) from minute 1:09:30

       Sever Plocker Column, Yediot Ahronot , July 24, 2020 (Hebrew)




Monetary Policy in the Crisis

       Haaretz OpEd March 24, 2020




       The Marker Interview March 25 2020

       Globes Interview March 26 2020


       Vox CEPR Policy Portal March 26, 2020

Cited by

Martin Wolf, FT, April 9, 2020

Uri Pasovsky, Globes April 12, 2020


Labor Maret Issues in the Crisis

       Globes Interview April 22, 2020

       The Dror Movement podcast , April 13, 2020 (Hebrew) - להאזנה באנקור - להאזנה בסאונדקלאוד - להאזנה בספוטיפיי

       Jerusalem Post Interview April 1, 2020



Recent Working Papers:

   (with Renato Faccini) The Importance of Hiring Frictions in Business Cycles

   Moving from a Poor Economy to a Rich One: The Contradictory Roles of Technology and Job Tasks

   (Asset) Pricing the Business Cycle

   (with Gadi PeretsDerivation of Invariance in Structural Models for Policy Design and Evaluation Using Lie Symmetries

   (with Espen Moen) Matching Workers

   (with Nitsa Kasir) The Economic Outcomes of an Ethnic Minority: The Role of Barriers


All Papers and Publications updated April 2019

  Macro-Labor papers

Labor Economics papers

Monetary Economics Papers

Papers on the Israeli economy



June 2019 conference: Frontiers of Macroeconomics


Web site


Lessons from the Financial Crisis and the Great Recession for Economic Modelling: June 2014, Jerusalem

Conference Web Site




Policy-Related Work

  On Gaza

The 2018 Situation: INSS article

OpEd: A Practical Solution to the Gaza Crisis

Haaretz Hebrew PDF June 5, 2018 ; English PDF June 6, 2018

The 2014 conflict: Yediot OpEd; INSS1; INSS2


  Policy Plan for Israeli Arabs (joint with Nitsa Kasir, Bank of Israel)

  On Current Economic Debates in Israel: link to position paper, interviews and Op_Eds

  Sapir Forum Dec 16, 2013 Conference



  Interviews, TV appearances and OpEds

  Haaretz OpEd March 24, 2020




  The Marker Interview March 25 2020

  Globes Interview March 26 2020

  The Neymar Bubble October 2017 ; My related photos

  IHT Op-ED: Solution Without Resolution (Nov. 23. 2012)

  Haaretz Op-Ed: The States of Dan and Judea (Nov. 1, 2015) Hebrew English


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