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Chapter 9
Aesthetic Qualities as Structural Resemblance
Divergence and Perceptual Forces in Poetry

This page contains the sound files of the readings discussed in Chapter 9, and the respective text.


Figure 1 Wave plot, and the first and second formants of the
cardinal vowels i-a-u, and of the European cuckoo's call. (Formants
are concentrations of overtones that determine vowels and sound
colour). Note that the formants of the bird's call are most similar to,
but not identical with, the vowel [u] (produced on SoundScope).


Figure 2 Wave plot and pitch abstract of the European cuckoo's call and of the cardinal vowels read by a professional reader.

Listen to the European cuckoo's call

Listen to the European cuckoo's call (I filtered out the hum, but failed to filter out all the hiss)

toy symphony

Figure 3 Sound waves and pitch extract of the imitation of the cuckoo's call in L. Mozart's "Toy Symphony" (produced on Praat).

Listen to an excerpt from Leopold Mozart's "Toy Symphony", in which the cuckoo's call is imitated

11.   To say within thine ówn déep-súnken eyes

Listen to the three readings of Excerpt 11.

The Marlowe Society

Callow's reading

Gielgud's reading

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