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Reuven Tsur


Poetic Rhythm

Structure and Performance


An Empirical Study in Cognitive Poetics







Peter Lang  Berne

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Poetic rhythm: structure and performance; an empirical study in

Poetic rhythm:  structure and performance; an empirical study in

cognitive poetics / Reuven Tsur. —Berne : Lang, 1988

ISBN 3-906760-00-6


The sound files of the readings discussed in this book are available at

http : // tsurxx/Rhythm_Book/Contents_Sound_Files.html


This research was supported by a grant from the Israel Science Foundation.
The publication of this book was supported by the Ruth Shefy Memorial Foundation,
and the Rector, the President and the Dean of Humanities

of Tel Aviv University.


ISBN 3-906760-00-6

US-ISBN 0-8204-3444-2


Peter Lang AG, European Academic Publishers, Berne 1998


All rights reserved.

All parts of this publication are protected by copyright.

Any utilisation outside the strict limits of the copyright law, without

the permission of the publisher, is forbidden and liable to prosecution.

This applies in particular to reproductions, translations, microfilming,

and storage and processing in electronic retrieval systems.


Pinted in Germany

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