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[edit] FAQ documents

There are no FAQs specifically on block ciphers, but these ciphers are covered in cryptography FAQs.

[edit] AES links

Both of the software sites include implementations of other candidates, as well as of AES itself.

[edit] Homepages for block ciphers

These pages are all maintained by the cipher designers. They include links to the design papers, to implementations, and often to attacks. We list them alphabetically.

[edit] RFCs for block ciphers

These RFCs give specifications for the block ciphers themselves.

There are other RFCs covering block cipher modes of operation and how these ciphers should be used in protocols such as IPsec, Open PGP, SSL and SSH. For details, see the linked articles or use RFC search.

[edit] Online courses

[edit] Literature surveys

[edit] Other links

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