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We recognise the role that expert editors have to play in the creation of an encyclopedia. Expert editors who become reviewers can review, or "certify", article revisions.

See the list of reviewers.

To become a reviewer, you need to demonstrate:

You don't necessarily need to have formal academic qualifications to be considered an expert in a subject; we take into account demonstrable practical experience as well as credentials. As a general principle, you should review articles according to your level of expertise, and state relevant qualifications on your "userpage" for the benefit of interested readers.

If you're an expert editor and you'd like to become a reviewer, you need to approach three current reviewers and get them to publicly support your application by leaving a note on your user-discussion page. Then you should approach an administrator and ask for reviewer access. Remember that Knowino is a wiki: all editors have a responsibility to help ensure balance, nuance, and accuracy in articles, and reviewers should not harm that process, but rather facilitate it.

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