B. Tsirelson

Triple points

Recent works

"Triple points: from non-Brownian filtrations to harmonic measures."
Geom. and Funct. Anal. 7:6, 1096-1142 (1997).
Available online from Springer-Verlag (not free, sorry):
or from my site: [download]

A long (47 pages) research paper. Bibl. 42 refs.

Two conjectures (geometric and probabilistic), seemingly independent, are proved:

  1. Introduction.
  2. From stochastic calculus to stochastic topology.
  3. Joining two copies of a filtration.
  4. Joining two copies of Walsh's Brownian motion.
  5. Joining two copies of reflecting Brownian motion.
  6. A generalization: change of measure, or drift.
  7. Another generalization: asymmetric triple point.
  8. Application to harmonic measures.
  9. Appendix. A reformulation in terms of a measure in a linear space.
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