Measurability and continuity

2012/2013, sem. 1

Prof. Boris Tsirelson (School of Mathematical Sciences).
Time and place
Monday 16-17 Ornstein 102,
Wednesday 16-18 Ornstein 102.
Be acquainted with such things as the Hilbert space L2 of square integrable functions on a measure space. Everything else will be explained from scratch. However, some maturity in analysis is needed. (Maturity in probability is not needed.)
Grading policy
Written homework and oral exam.

Lecture notes

  1. Foreword.
  2. Basic notions and constructions.
  3. Probability, random elements, random sets.
  4. Topology as a powerful helper.
  5. From random Borel functions to random closed sets.
  6. Random connected components.
  7. Borel sets in the light of analytic sets.
  8. Equivalence relations and measurability.

Additional sources

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