Prof. Gideon Toury
Tel Aviv University, Israel


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Journals Edited
1. Target: An International Journal of Translation Studies. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1989-. (with José Lambert.) Since 2000: General Editor

2. TRANSST: An International Newsletter of Translation Studies. 1987-. (with the help of José Lambert)

Chapters in Books and Articles
1. G. Toury
The Emergence of Bialik's "El ha-cipor".
Hasifrut, II:4, 847-855. 1971. [Hebrew]

2. G. Toury
Literal Translation and the Translation of Structures: Joyce's Dubliners in Hebrew.
Siman Kri'a, 1, 223-230. 1972. [Hebrew]

3. G. Toury, A. Margalith
On Deviant Uses of Collocations.
Hasifrut, IV:1, 99-129. 1973. [Hebrew. Extenstive English summary: v-ix.]

4. G. Toury
The Missing Bibliographical Principles: Comments on Y. David's Agnon Bibliography.
Hasifrut, IV:1, 162-171. 1973. [Hebrew. English summary: x-xi.]

5. G. Toury
Considered Translation or `Sane Translation': Spoken Hebrew as a Language of Literary Translation.
Siman Kri'a, 3-4, 366-371. 1974. [Hebrew]

6. G. Toury
Literature as a Polysystem.
Hasifrut, 18-19, 1-19. 1974. [Hebrew. Extensive English summary: i-iii.]

7. G. Toury
Equivalence of Units and Equivalence of Texts: Towards a Description of the Relationships Between Translation and Source.
Hasifrut, 23, 42-49. 1976. [Hebrew. Extensive English summary: v-vii.]

8. G. Toury
Equivalence and Non-equivalence in Translation as a Function of Norms.
Hasifrut, 25, 33-39. 1977. [Hebrew. Extensive English summary: iii-v.]

9. G. Toury
The Nature and Role of Norms in Literary Translation.
Literature and Translation: New Perspectives in Literary Studies, eds. James S Holmes, José Lambert, Raymond van den Broeck. Leuven: acco, 83-100, 1978. [Rep. in Toury 1980: 51-62.] [ A revised version in Toury 1995: 53-69.]
-- Spanish translation of revised version: La naturaleza yel papel de las normas en la traducción.
Teoría de los Polisistemas, ed. Montserrat Iglesias Santos. Madrid: Lecturas, 233-255. 1999.
-- Revised version rep. in: The Translation Studies Reader, ed. Lawrence Venuti. London and New York: Routledge, 198-211. 1999.
-- Chinese translation of old version: Western Theories of Translation, eds. Tak-hung Leo Chan and Chang Nam Fung. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press, 125-140. 2000.

10. G. Toury
Translated Literature - System, Norm, Performance: Toward a TT-Oriented Approach to Literary Translation.
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-- Hebrew version: Hasifrut, 28, 58-59. 1979.
-- Dutch version: Literatuur in vertaling - systeem en norm: Voor en doeltekstgerichte aanpak van de literaire vertaling. Restant, VII, No. 4, 32-52. 1978-1979. [Also published as a book, under the title Vertaalwetenschap: Literatuur, wetenschap, vertaling en vertalen, eds. André Lefevere, Ria Vanderauwera. Antwerpen: Restant & Leuven: acco. 1979.]

11. G. Toury
Interlanguage and Its Manifestations in Translation.
Meta 24:2, 223-231. 1979. [Rep. in Toury 1980: 71-78.]

12. G. Toury
Clownery for a Retarded Hebrew Reader: (The Hebrew Translation of Heinrich Böll's Ansichten eines Clowns).
Siman Kri'a, 10, 449-455. 1980. [Hebrew]

13. G. Toury
The Adequate Translation as an Intermediating `Language': A Stylistic Model for the Comparison of a Literary Text and Its Translation.
Proceedings of the 8th Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association, eds. György M. Vajda, Bella Köpecki, M. Szabolcsi, Budapest: Akademiai Kiadó, 969-974. 1980. [An extended version in Toury 1980: 112-121.]

14. G. Toury
Communication in Translated Texts: A Semiotic Approach.
Semiotik und Übersetzen, ed. Wolfram Wilss, Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 99-109. 1980. [A slightly different version in Toury 1980: 11-18.]
-- Italian version: Comunicazione e traduzione.
Un approcio semiotico.
Teorie contemporanee della traduzione: testi di Jakobson, Levy, Lotman, Toury, Eco, Nida, Even-Zohar, Holmes, Meschonnic, Paz, Quine, Gadamer, Derrida, ed.
Siri Nergaard. Milano: Strumenti Bompiani, 103-119. 1995.

15. G. Toury
The Translator as a Nonconformist-to-be, or: How to Train Translators So As to Violate Translational Norms.
Angewandte Übersetzungswissenschaft: Internationales Übersetzungswissenschaftliches Kolloquium an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Århus / Dänemark, 19.-21. Juni 1980, eds. Sven-Olaf Poulsen, Wolfram Wilss, Århus, 180-194. 1980.

16. G. Toury
Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies: Towards a Tripartite Model.
Kontrastive Linguistik und Übersetzungswissenschaft, eds. Wolfgang Kühlwein, Gisela Thome, Wolfram Wilss, München: Wilhelm Fink, 251-261. 1981. [an expanded version in Toury 1980: 19-34.]

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18. G. Toury
On the Relations Between a Translation and Its Source: Required, Existing and Possible Relations.
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19. G. Toury
Pseudotranslations as a Literary Fact: The Case of Papa Hamlet.
Hasifrut, 32, 63-68. 1982 (1983). [Hebrew]

20. G. Toury
Transfer as a Universal of Verbal Performance of L2 Learners in Situations of Communication in Translated Utterances.
FINLANCE: The Finnish Journal of Language Learning and Teaching, II, 63-78. 1982.

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The Communication Situation and the Production of Interference Forms by L2 Learners.
RELC Journal (Singapore), 13, No. 2, 62-77. December 1982.

22. G. Toury
A Rationale for Descriptive Translation Studies. [first version]
Dispositio, VII, No. 19-20-21, 23-39. 1982.

23. G. Toury
Sharing Relevant Features: An Exercise in Optimal Translating.
Meta 28, No. 2, 116-129. June 1983.
-- Hebrew translation by Inbal Saggiv: on the web.

24. G. Toury
Translation, Literary Translation and Pseudotranslation.
Comparative Criticism, 6, ed. E.S. Shaffer. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 73-85. 1984.

25. G. Toury
The Notion of `Native Translator' and Translation Teaching.
Die Theorie des Übersetzens und ihr Aufschlußwert für die Übersetzungs- und Dolmetschdidaktik, eds. Wolfram Wilss, Gisela Thome. Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 186-195. 1984

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Transfer Operations and Translation.
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Aspects of Translating into Minority Languages, from the Point of View of Translation Studies.
Multilingua: Journal of Interlanguage Communication, 4, No. 1, 3-10. 1985.

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A Rationale for Descriptive Translation Studies. [second version]
The Manipulation of Literature: Studies in Literary Translation, ed. Theo Hermans. London & Sydney: Croom Helm, 16-41. 1985. [a completely revised version of (22).]
-- Italian version: Principi per un'analisi descrittiva della traduzione.
Teorie contemporanee della traduzione: testi di Jakobson, Levy, Lotman, Toury, Eco, Nida, Even-Zohar, Holmes, Meschonnic, Paz, Quine, Gadamer, Derrida, ed. Siri Nergaard. Milano: Strumenti Bompiani, 181-223. 1995.

29. G. Toury
Natural Translation and the Making of a Native Translator.
TEXTconTEXT, 1, 11-29. 1986.

30. G. Toury
Monitoring Discourse Transfer: A Test-Case for a Developmental Model of Translation.
Interlingual and Intercultural Communication: Discourse and Cognition in Translation and Second Language Acquisition Studies, eds. Juliane House, Shoshana Blum-Kulka. Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 79-94. 1986.

31. G. Toury
What Is It that Renders a Spoonerism [Un]translatable?
Actes du Colloque International "Humour et Traduction", 13-14 Dec. 1985, ed. Anne-Marie Laurian, 211-222. 1986. [ = Contrastes, Hors serié T 2] [see also (59)]

32. G. Toury
Integrating the Cultural Dimension into Translation Studies: An Introduction.
Translation Across Cultures, ed. Gideon Toury. New Delhi: Bahri Publications [also: Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, XIII:2], 1-8. 1987. Second edition: 1-7. 1998.

33. G. Toury
The Road to Lower Paradise is Paved with Intentions: From a German to a Hebrew Text via a Russian Model in Bialik's Children's Poetry.
Ma'agle Kri'a, 17, 17-30. 1988. [Hebrew]

34. G. Toury
The Hebraization of Surnames in Palestine as "Cultural Translation": A Skeletal Exercise in Cultural Semiotics.
Points of View: Culture and Society in Eretz-Yisrael, ed. Nurith Gertz. Tel Aviv: Open University, 152-171. 1988. [Hebrew]

35. G. Toury
Translating English Literature via German - and Vice Versa: A Symptomatic Reversal in the History of Modern Hebrew Literature.
Die literarische Übersetzung: Stand und Perspektiven ihrer Erforschung, ed. Harald Kittel [Göttinger Beiträge zur Internationalen Übersetzungsforschung, II.], Berlin: Erich Schmidt, 139-157. 1988.

36. G. Toury
Reflections on Translation, the Study of Translation and Translation Studies.
Translationstheorie - Grundlagen und Standorte, ed. Justa Holz-Mänttäri. Tampere: Tampereen Yliopisto, 81-90. 1988.

37. G. Toury
Surnames and Their Substitutes.
Semiotic Theory and Practice: Proceedings of the Third International Congress of the IASS, Palermo, 1984, eds. Michael Herzfeld, Lucio Melazzo. Berlin--New York--Amsterdam: Mouton de Gruyter, Vol. II, 1143-1152. 1988.

38. G. Toury
Well, What about a LINGUISTIC Theory of LITERARY Translation?
Bulletin CILA, 49, 102-105. March 1989.

39. G. Toury
The Meaning of Translation-Specific Lexical Items and Its Representation in the Dictionary.
Translation and Lexicography: Papers read at the EURALEX Colloquium held at Innsbruck 2-5 July 1987, eds. Mary Snell-Hornby, Esther Pöhl. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, Paintbrush and EURALEX. 45-53. 1989.

40. G. Toury, J. Lambert
On Target's Targets.
Target, 1:1, 1-7. 1989.

41. G. Toury
Verb Metaphors under Translation.
Target, 1:2, 239-248. 1989.

42. G. Toury
From One Signifier to Another: Modified Phonetic Transposition in Word-Formation and Translation.
Übersetzungswissenschaft: Ergebnisse und Perspektiven. Festschrift für Wolfram Wilss zum 65. Geburtstag, eds. Reiner Arntz, Gisela Thome. Tübingen: Gunter Narr. 191-198. 1990.

43. G. Toury
The Coupled Pair of `Solution + Problem' in Translation Studies.
Translation Theory in Scandinavia, Proceedings from the Scandinavian Symposium on Translation Theory (SSOTT III), Oslo 11-13 August 1988, eds. Patrick Nigel Chaffey, Antin Fougner Rydning, Solveig Schult Ulriksen. Oslo. 1-23. [1990]

44. G. Toury
Translation-Specific Lexical Items and Their Representation in the Dictionary.
Meaning and Lexicography, eds. Jerzy Tomaszczyk, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 287-300. 1990.

45. G. Toury
The Hebraization of Surnames as a Motive in Hebrew Literature.
Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, Québec, Université Laval, 16-22 August 1987, ed. Jean-Claude Boulanger. Québec: Les Presses de l'Université Laval. 545-554. 1990.

46. G. Toury & J. Toury
Namensänderungen deutschsprachiger Einwanderer in Palästina bis 1942.
Menora: Jahrbuch für deutsch-jüdische Geschichte, 1991, eds. Julius H. Schoeps, Arno Herzig, Hans Otto Horch. München-Zürich: Piper. 185-212. 1991.

47. G. Toury
Experimentation in Translation Studies: Achievements, Prospects and Some Pitfalls.
Empirical Research in Translation and Intercultural Studies: Selected Papers of the TRANSIF Seminar, Savonlinna 1988, ed. Sonja Tirkkonen-Condit. Tübingen: Gunter Narr. 45-66. 1991.

48. W. Pape and G. Toury
Nachwort to: Die Psalmen, Übersetzt von Moses Mendelssohn. Berlin: Henssel, 229-254. 1991. Second Edition: Zürich: Diogenes. 1998.

49. G. Toury
What are Descriptive Studies into Translation Likely to Yield apart from Isolated Descriptions?
Translation Studies: The State of the Art. Proceedings of the First James S Holmes Symposium on Translation Studies, eds. Kitty M. van Leuven-Zwart, Ton Naaijkens. Amsterdam-Atlanta: Rodopi, 179-192. 1991.

50. G. Toury
The Rise and Fall of the Dual Form in the Language of Modern Hebrew Literature.
Hebrew: A Living Language. Studies on the Language in Social and Cultural Contexts, eds. Uzzi Ornan, Rina Ben-Shahar, Gideon Toury. University of Haifa, 101-118. 1992. [Hebrew]

51. G. Toury
"Lower-Paradise" in a Cross-Road: Sifting a Hebrew Translation of a German Schlaraffenland Text through a Russian Model.
Geschichte, System, Literarische Übersetzung / Histories, Systems, Literary Translations, ed. Harald Kittel. Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag, 1992, 46-65.

52. G. Toury
"Everything Has Its Price": An Alternative to Normative Conditioning in Translator Training.
Interface: Journal of Applied Linguistics (Brussels), 6:2, 60-72. 1992.

53. G. Toury
"Translation of Literary Texts" vs. "Literary Translation": A Distinction Reconsidered
Recent Trends in Empirical Translation Research, eds. Sonja Tirkkonen-Condit, John Laffling. Joensuu: University of Joensuu, Faculty of Arts, 1993, 10-24. [Studies in Language, 28.]

54. G. Toury
An Enlightened Use of Fable: Christian Fürchtegott Gellert in Hebrew Literature
Turning Points in Hebrew Literature and Their Relationship to Contacts with other Literatures, eds. Ziva Shamir, Avner Holzman. Tel Aviv University, 1993, 75-86. [Hebrew]

55. G. Toury
Still in Search of Laws of Translational Behaviour: Closing in on Discourse Interference.
Transferre necesse est...: Current Issues of Translation Theory, eds. Kinga Klaudy, János Kohn, Katalin Molnár, Lajos Szalai. Szombathely, 1993, 21-38.

56. G. Toury
Zielgerichtetheit einer Übersetzung, oder: Warum wurde ein deutscher Schlaraffenland-Text so in die hebräische Kinderliteratur übertragen?
Kinderliteratur im interkulturellen Prozeß: Studien zur allgemeinen und vergleichenden Kinderliteraturwissenschaft, Hrsg. Hans-Heino Ewers, Gertrud Lehnert und Emer O'Sullivan. Stuttgart-Weimar: J.B. Metzler, 99-114. 1994.

57. G. Toury
The Notion of `Assumed Translation': An Invitation to a New Discussion.
Letterlijkheid/Woordelijkheid : Literality/Verbality, eds. Henri Bloemen, Erik Hertog, Winibert Segers. Antwerpen/Harmelen: Fantom, 135-147. 1995.

58. G. Toury
In Search of Laws of Translational Behavior.
Basic Issues in Translation Studies: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference, eds. Albrecht Neubert, Gregory M. Shreve, Klaus Gommlich. Kent State University, 45-56. 1997.

59. G. Toury
What Is It that Renders a Spoonerism [Un]translatable?
Wordplay and Translation, ed. Dirk Delabastita. Manchester: St. Jerome, 271-291. 1997. [A revised and expanded version of (31).]

60. G. Toury
What Lies beyond Descriptive Translation Studies?
La Palabra Vertida: Investigaciones en torno a la traducción, eds. Miguel Angel Vega, Rafael Martín-Gaitero. Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 69-80.
-- Spanish translation: on the web

61. G. Toury
The Beginning of Modern Translation into Hebrew: Yet Another Look.
Dapim (Haifa University), 11, 105-127. 1998. [Hebrew]

62. G. Toury
A Handful of Paragraphs on "Translation" and "Norms".
Translation and Norms, ed. Christina Schäffner. Clevedon etc.: Multilingual Matters, 10-32. 1998. [also available as Vol 5, Nos 1&2 of Current Issues in Language & Society]

63. G. Toury
Some of Us Are Finally Talking to Each Other: Would It Mark the Beginning of a True Dialogue? Commemts on Responses.
Translation and Norms, ed. Christina Schäffner. Clevedon etc.: Multilingual Matters, 131-134. 1998. [also available as Vol 5, Nos 1&2 of Current Issues in Language & Society]

64. G. Toury
Locating Interim Stops and the Possibility of Reconstructing Translation Processes.
An Overcoat for Benjamin: Papers on Literature for Benjamin Harshav, on his Seventieth Birthday, eds. Ziva Ben-Porat et al. Tel Aviv: The Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics, Tel Aviv University, 305-322. 1999. [Hebrew]

65. G. Toury
How Come the Translation of a Limerick Can Have Four Lines (Or Can It)?
Word, Text, Translation: Liber Amicorum for Peter Newmark, eds. Gunilla Anderman and Margaret Rogers. Clevedon etc.: Multilingual Matters, 157-168. 1999.

66. G. Toury
Culture Planning and Translation.
anovar/anosar: estudios de traducción e interpretación, I, eds. Alberto Álvarez Lugrís and Anxo Fernández Ocampo. Vigo: Servicio de Publicacións da Universidade de Vigo, 13-25. 1999.
-- Italian version: Progettazione culturale e traduzione.
La traduzione, ed. Susan Petrilli (= Athanor: Semiotica, Filosofia, Arte, Letteratura, Anno X, nuova serie, n. 2).
Roma: Meltemi editore, 188-200. 1999-2000.

67. G. Toury
An Enlightened Use of Fable: Christian Fürchtegott Gellert in Hebrew Literature.
Under Construction: Links for the Site of Literary Theory: Essays in Honor of Hendrik van Gorp, eds. Dirk de Geest, Ortwin de Graef, Dirk Delabastita, Koen Geldof, Rita Ghesquiere and José Lambert. Leuven: University pers Leuven, 197-209. 2000. [A different version of (54).]

In press
1. G. Toury
Translation as a Means of Planning and the Planning of Translation: A Theoretical Framework and an Exemplary Case.
Proceedings the International Conference "Translations: (Re)shaping of Literature and Culture", Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, eds.
Saliha Paker et al.
-- Portuguese version: A Tradução como Meio de Planificação e a Planificação da Tradução
Histórias Literárias Comparadas: Colóquio Internacional, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, 11 e 12 Novembro de 1999, eds.
Teresa Seruya and Maria Lin Moniz. Lisbon: Edições Colibri & Centro de Literatura e Cultura Portuguesa e Brasileira, 17-32. 2001.

2. G. Toury
Enhancing Cultural Changes By Means of Fictitious Translations.
Proceedings of ..., ed. Eva Hung.

3. G. Toury
What's the Problem with 'Translation Problem'? Translation and Meaning: Proceedings of the 3rd International Maastricht-Lódz Duo Colloquium, eds. Marcel Thelen and Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk.

Items in Encyclopedias
1. G. Toury
Encyclopaedia Hebraica, 32, 1063-1065. 1980. [Hebrew]

2. G. Toury
[numerous short entries]
Personalities in Eretz-Yisrael, 1799-1948: A Biographical Dictionary, eds. Yaacov Shavit, Yaacov Goldstein, Haim Be'er. Tel Aviv: Am Oved. 1983. [Hebrew]

3. G. Toury
Translation: A Cultural-Semiotic Perspective.
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics, eds. Thomas A. Sebeok et al. Berlin--New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 1111-1124. 1986.

4. G. Toury
Hebrew Tradition
Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, ed. Mona Baker. London: Routledge, 439-448. 1998.

Review Articles and Reviews
[over 35 items, in English and Hebrew, in the following periodicals: Hasifrut, Haaretz, Hebrew Abstracts, Target]

[several reports of International Conferences in Hasifrut, 1977-1981]

1. G. Toury
Natural Translation and the Making of a Native Translator (abstract)
AILA Brussels 84: Proceedings, Vol. 3, eds. Jan den Haese, Jos Nivette. 1073-1074. 1984.

2. G. Toury
Translational Solutions on the Lexical Level and the Dictionary (abstract)
International Conference on Meaning and Lexicography: Abstracts. Lódz, 19-21 June, 1985, eds. Jerzy Tomaszczyk, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk. University of Lódz: Institute of English Studies, 87-89. 1985.

3. G. Toury
The Translation of Literary Texts vs. Literary Translation from the Point of View of the Target Literary System
Literatura i perevod: Problemy teorii.
Mezhdunarodnaya vstrecha uchenykh i pisatelej. Moskva 27 fevralja-1 marta 1991 g. Moskva: Progress, Litera, 164-169. 1992. [English, Russian and French versions]

Other Publications
1. G. Toury
A Hebrew-English List of Grammatical Terms.
Hasifrut, IV:1, 160-161. 1973. [rep. in Balshanut Ivrit Hofshit, 8, 43-45. 1974.]

2. G. Toury
A List of Bibliographies Compiled by Shmuel Lachover
Hasifrut 4:2, 396-399. 1973. [Hebrew]

3. G. Toury
Prof. Joseph Haephrati's Publications
Hasifrut, 17, xiv-xv. 1974. [Hebrew]

4. G. Toury
Hasifrut: A Classified Table of Contents.
Tel Aviv University. 1978. 31 pp. [Hebrew]

5. G. Toury
The Alien and the New Should Be Retained in the Translation
Moznayim, June 1983, 23. [Hebrew]

6. G. Toury
Introducing TRANSST, or: What? Again
TRANSST: An International Newsletter of Translation Studies (NS), 1, 1-3. 1987.

7. G. Toury
In memoriam James S Holmes (1924-1986)
TRANSST: An International Newsletter of Translation Studies (NS), 1, 3-5. 1987.

8. G. Toury
The Second Three Years
TRANSST: An International Newsletter of Translation Studies (NS), 11, 1-2. 1991.

9. G. Toury
Jacob Toury: A List of Publications
Tel Aviver Jahrbuch für deutsche Geschichte, XX [Festschrift zum 75. Geburtstag von Jacob Toury]. Tel Aviv Universität, 469-485. 1991.
Updated version in: Jacob Toury. Deutschlands Stiefkinder. Gerlingen: Bleicher Verlag, 215-231. 1997.

10. J. Svartvik, N. Blake, G. Toury
Peer Review of the Teaching of English Studies in Finnish Universities. Helsinki, 1993. 44 + 4 pp.

Translations (into Hebrew)
I. Professional Translations
1. Boris Uspensky. Poetics of Composition. 1986.
2. Patrick Seale. Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East. 1993.

Dozens of articles in Linguistics, Semiotics, Poetics, Literary Criticism, Translation Studies

II. Literary Translations
1. Sheila Burnford. The Incredible Journey. 1970.
2. John Masefield. The Midnight Folk. 1971.
3. F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby. 1974. [Translator's comments: pp. 131-134.]
-- Revised version: 1999.
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