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Dov Teeni


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June 1987 Ph.D., Management Information Systems, Tel-Aviv University.

Thesis: Design of person-computer decision systems.

Advisors: Professors Philip Ein-Dor and Shulamit Krietler.

June 1982 M.Sc., Management Sciences (Information Systems), Tel-Aviv University.

July 1976 B.Sc, Honors, Economics and Statistics, University of London, England.




2009- Mexico Chair of Information Systems, Tel-Aviv University

2009- Chairman of Doctoral committee, Faculty of management

2004-9 Professor, Faculty of Management, Tel-Aviv University

2002-3                      Chairman of IT committee, Bar-Ilan University

2001-2 Professor, Business School, Bar-Ilan Universit

2000-3                      Founding Director, Center of Global Knowledge Manag.

2000-3 Project Director of Learning by Advanced Technologies, Bar-Ilan U.

1995-99 Head of the Business School, Bar-Ilan U.

1997-01 Associate Professor, Business School, Bar-Ilan U.

1994-5 Deputy Director of the Business School, Bar-Ilan U.

1992-4 Associate Professor of MIS, Case Western Reserve U.

1991-4 Program Faculty, Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations, CWRU.

1986-92 Assistant Professor of MIS, Case Western Reserve U.

1984-86 Instructor of IS, Tel-Aviv U.


AIS Vision award, December 2011

AIS Presdient, July 2011

Grant from ZonMw grant (Dutch Health Science) for PERISCOPE: ICT for patient self management, (Eur 462,000).

Emerlad LiteratiNetwork 2009 Highly Commended Award for the paper 'The effectivness of online customer relations tools'.

AIS Fellow 2008 Association for Information Systems Fellows award recogines individulas who have made outstanding contributions to the discipline.

Preparatory grant van het deelprogramma ICT en Disease Management van ZonMW, 2007.

The ECIS 2006 Best Paper Award for co-authored paper entitled "From generative fit to generative capacity: exploring an emerging dimension of information systems fit and task performance".

The MIS Quarterlys Best Paper Award for 2001 for my paper entitled A cognitive-affective model of organizational communication for designing IT, 2002

Research support from Chase Manhattan Bank for Information technology for inter-cultural collaboration, 1997 ($100,000)

Grant from PCSoft International for Analysis of software errors, 1996 ($6,000).

Grant from the Kellogg Foundation for developing a "Computer clinic for non profits", 1993 ($54,000).

Grant from the Center for Management of Technology, "Coordination of distributed decision making in a corporate planning environment", with Richard Boland, 1992 ($20,000).

Grant from the Arts Management Program at the Weatherhead School of Management for developing "Technology support center for the cultural institutions", 1991 ($15,000).

Grant from the National Science Foundation, the Coordination Theory and Collaborative Technology Program, "Coordination of distributed decision making in a corporate planning environment", with Richard Boland - PI, 1990 ($210,000).

Scholarship from Mandel Center of Nonprofit Organizations for "Information systems in cultural institutions", 1989 ($3,000).

Research Initiation Grant from Case Western Reserve University for "Cognitive feedback in group decision support systems", 1988 ($5,000).

Doctoral Consortium, International Conference on Information Systems, ICIS '86.

Grant from the Israeli Institute of Business Research for "A classification system of cognitive styles", 1985 ($5,000).

Doctorate scholarship from the Tel-Aviv University, 1984-86.


Visiting Appointments


* Visiting Professor at University of Amsterdam and Leiden University (Fall 2009)

* Visiting Professor at Univeristy of Nante (Summer 2006, 2011)

* Visiting Professor at National University of Singapore (Summer 2005)

* Visiting Professor at City University Hong Kong (February, 2004)

* Visiting Professor at University of Waterloo, Canada (Summer 2000)

* Visiting Professor at New York University, USA (Fall 1999-Spring 2000)

* Visiting Professor at Warwick University, England (Spring 1999)

* Visiting Scholar at Oxford University, England (Spring 1999)

* Visiting Scholar at Yale University, USA (Summer 1998)


Teeni D., J. Carey and P. Zhang (2007). Human-Computer Interaction: Developing Effective Organizational Information Systems. John Wiley & Sons.



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BOOK academic novel

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Chairman and supervisor of completed dissertations or theses


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M. Shor (2005) Cost benefit in e-learning (MA)

O. Harel (2003) Design of adaptive hypermedia (M.A.)

H. Ronen (2003) Maps as navigation tools in e-books (M.A.)

L. Arman (2003) Obstacles to e-commerce in Israel (M.A.)

A. Minkov (2002) Diffusion of home-professional systems among engineers (PhD.)

Z. Sani (2002) Structuring techniques for e-mail (M.A.)

R. Feldman (2000) Performance and satisfaction in adaptive websites (MA)

Y. Farber (1998) Design of interactive voice messages (MA)

O. Chesler (1998) Estimation of software errors in open systems (MA)

S. Robertson (1991) The effects of training and individual ability on use of DSS (Ph.D.)

K. Sengupta (1991) The impact of cognitive feedback in collaborative systems (Ph.D.).

In process

Orr Mendelson Intelligent communication support (Doctoral)

Hadar Ronen Visualization in communication (Doctoral, BIU)

Shelly Cohen Adpative Art systems (Thesis)

Sagie Dayan The institutional discourse at conferences (Doctoral, BGU)


External reviewer for dissertations: University of British Columbia, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Ben-Gurion University, Bar-Ilan University, University of Melbourne


New courses developed:


1        Seminar in MIS for Ph.D. students. The seminar surveys research methods in MIS and critically evaluates selected papers in the behavioral areas of MIS.

2        Seminar on e-documents for Information scicence students. The seminar surveys research and practice on e-books, e-browsers and e-learning materials.

3        MBA course on Human-computer interaction. The course covers the fundamentals of dialog design for decision support systems and demonstrates the concepts through modular and comprehensive design tasks.


Courses taught:

Management Information Systems I

Programming and Problem Solving (C prog.)

Systems Analysis

Introduction to MIS

Seminar in MIS (Ph.D. students)

Business simulations

Human-computer interaction

Management assessment classes

Fortran (professional computing school)

Seminar in communication support systems

KM and organizational learning



Computer programming and design- a full time 7 month Course. Course highlights: Assembly, PL/1, file organization.






Ongoing & past editorial positions


        Co-Editor European Journal of IS

        Senior Editor: MIS Quarterly; JAIS (Guest SE); AIS Tran. of HCI; European Journal of IS

        Associate editor: MIS Quarterly ; ISR (Guest AE)

        Editorial board member: J. of AIS ; Internet Research ; Information and Organizations, European Journal of IS

        Ad Hoc Reviewer for: MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Management Science, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Accounting Management and Information Technology, European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of DSS, Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Behaviour and Information Technology, Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, Nonprofits and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Accounting Information Systems, JASIST, IEEE Trns. On Communication.

        Editorial Advisory Board member: Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management.

Service since 2000



        Academic director, Internet Research Institute, Tel Aviv University, 2011

        Co-chair Professional development consortium, MCIS2011

        AIS Presdient, 2011

        Conference co-Chair, MCIS 2010.

        Conference co-Chair, ICIS, 2008.

        Junior Faculty Councler, ICIS, 2007.

        Program co-chair, MCIS, 2007, 2008

        Co-Chair, ICIS Program Track, 2004.

        Program committee, LAP 2004; 2005, 2006.

        Co-Chair, AIS SIG IS-CORE, 2001-2003.

        Co-Chair, ACM SIGMIS Doctoral dissertation award 2002.

        Co-Chair, Doctoral Consortium, ICIS 2001.

        Task force leader, Internet commerce and fund raising, NCNE 2001-

        Program committee, LAP 2001.

        Doctoral Consortium Faculty Member, ICIS 2000.




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                  Appointments committee chair Zefat College, 2008-

                  Appointments committee - Tel-Aviv University , 2006-7.

                  Chair of Meital National coordinator of e-learning in higher education, 2003-

                  Chair of Lehava Advisory Committee National Digital Divide Initiative, 2002-

                  Program chair, ILA 2002.

                  Executive Committee ILA- Israeli Association of Information Processing, 2001-

                  Chair Higher Council of Education Accreditation Committee Negev College, 1998-

                  Appointments committee - Tel-Aviv Yafo College, 1997-2002.

                  Member - Higher Council of Education Accreditation Committee Negev College, 1996-7

                  Member - Higher Council of Education Accreditation Committee Shenkar College, 1997